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(Old document) Twijfel Zaaien

Located around the Biotoop

How to troubleshoot the installation, prepare the seed cards and take care of the growbeds.


Card scanner - Scanning your Casting Doubts (Twijfel Zaaien) answering card in the evaluation tower. Xiang Yu Yeung


Preparing the seed cards

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the document that tells you which seeds to order, where to order them and how many of each kind of seed you need to paste on the seed card. 

To paste the seeds to the card you'll need potato glue. You can't buy it anywhere, so you'll have to make is yourself (which is pretty easy). The only things you need for this are maïzena, water and vinegar.

1) Mix 30g of maïzena with 125 ml of water (or more if you want more glue obviously).
2) Boil till it gets thicker (the longer you boil the thicker the glue will get).
3) Afterwards add a teaspoon of vinegar to prevent the glue from molding.
4) Done!


Casting Doubt -

Maintenance of the flowerpots

Check the lettering (the nails) once in a while, because the older ones tend to fall off. If you need to replace a whole word (or multiple words): the font is called Sélavy and can be downloaded here:

Make sure the right plants grow in the right flowerpots and remove unwanted weeds. Also, check the sides of the flowerpots because weeds don’t care about the pots, they’ll just grow between the wooden boards. The questions should be visible at all time.