In so far as design means the purposeful planning of visual culture, this concept is inextricably bound to the process of interaction between society, culture and the environment. In the spirit of László Moholy-Nagy’s words, it is therefore anattitude that must surface in all areas of life as an original desire and endeavour to create meaningful and iconic order, and as a determinant of the human quality of life.

The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design occupies a unique place in Hungary in offering instruction in architecture,media and design. Beyond its education services and research and development activities, the University strives to integrate these areas and to promote their social and cultural functions.

MOME line – design works has been set up for this purpose. Committed to the above approach, it undertakes to fulfil the role of mediator between a wide variety of initiatives, be they business, art or social investments, and our creative human resources.

(Source, MOMEline website.)


MOMEline logo - Made by MOMEline, found on Flickr.

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