Vrederick van Muijden


What to do against rats

Keep it clean!!


rat trap overview -

Necessary recommendations from the rats:

- First of all, they don't like many Lavender plants.

- Closing holes in the building (at pipes, etc.) with steel wool, fine chicken wire, thresholds and deep filling of gravel.

- Somewhere is a leak in the sewage system, there is a hole next to the septic tank so I'm going to dig it out to check the connection between the grease pit and tank. Otherwise we have to have a check done by the management with a camera. This does not seem to be very expensive in Amsterdam.

- Pruning the bushes on the portocabin side. Now there is too large a safe walking area and meeting place for rats. He recommends pruning away the back half (the part that is against the building) of the bush.

- A few hollow spaces have been built in the built bar and kitchen. These must be properly sealed or filled with stones. (same applies to other hollow spaces)