Prof. Dr. E.P. Köster


Prof. Dr. E.P Köster - Emeritus Professor in Psychology. Image found here .

Dr. Egon Peter Köster is an emeritus professor in Psychology, specialising in matters of olfactory.

E.P. Köster was Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Utrecht from 1976 to 1997 where he specialised in research on the sense of smell. It was there that he founded the ergonomics research group which looked into the sensory analysis and evaluation of food. As a result, he became an advisor to many major food industries in the Netherlands, Germany, France, UK and US.

He is currently an advisor to the Centre for Innovative Consumer Studies at Wageningen University and to Pernod-Ricard, France.

To date he has published over 150 scientific papers and is on the editorial board of several Journals dedicated to Psychology and sensory perception.

His most recent work focuses more on motivational psychology related to eating and drinking behavior and the role of memory in food expectations. He has drawn attention to the importance of phenomena such as food boredom and prediction of market success in the food industry.


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