Sofie Crabbé

art critic - essayist - writer - curator


Sofie Crabbé -

Deeply fascinated by contemporary art, lens-based media (photography expertise) and architecture, art/photo historian & theoretician Sofie Crabbé (b. 1984, BE) has been active as a curator and author since 2008. She has already published numerous art reviews and essays for magazines such as HART, Metropolis M and Ons Erfdeel. She also delivers texts commissioned by artists, museums, art institutions, publishers and (inter)national galleries. She is regularly asked as a speaker, jury member, guest curator, guide, reviewer and coordinator of publications. From 2015 to 2019 she has been working as artist liaison for the Deweer Gallery. She was responsible for prospection, coordination of internal and external exhibitions and everything concerning content, with an emphasis on editing and the contextualization/interpretation of the oeuvre of the artists through texts, speeches and guided tours. She curated various exhibitions such as ‘Out of Time - In Search of Stillness’ (2018). Sofie Crabbé holds Master’s Degrees in Art History (2008, Ghent University) and Photographic Studies (2009, Leiden University), a programme covering the history and theory of photography.