Poster Design Workshop

A workshop led by Fikra Founder Salem Al Qassimi

23 Feb 2009
21 Mar 2009

Contemporary graphic design: POSTERS
3 sessions x 3 hrs x 4 weeks/Total 36 hrs
Workshop leader: Salem Al Qassimi
Maximum number of participants: 8

Workshop times
Every Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
from 7pm to 10pm
Starting Monday 23 February Until Saturday 21 March 2009

Tashkeel members: 1500 dhs/ 12 session course
Non-members: 1750 dhs/12 session course

To download application follow this link

Posters are used to visually communicate ideas and thoughts, to influence and have impact on viewers. Propagandists, protestors, advertisers and educators all use posters to reach an audience and to create awareness about themselves or their subject.

During the workshop we will be creating posters made out of images and text to influence or convey a message to the audience. Although the juxtaposition of images and text are so important in this workshop, images or text alone maybe preferred if they provide a better solution to convey the chosen message.

One of the main goals of this workshop is not to be limited by technology. Therefore, computers will only be used for research, listening to music and finalization of posters, if required. Tashkeel is equipped with many studios, such as photographic darkroom, jewelry workshop, painting studio, printmaking and screen-printing studio that are available to use. Your instructor will assist you so don't be afraid to experiment with mixing mediums.

The posters that will be produced during the workshop will be continuously modified, based on the feedback that will be given by instructor and colleagues.