A wedge between private and public

symposium on interactivity and public space

22 Apr 2010
23 Apr 2010

The two-day symposium A wedge between private and public looks at interactive art in public space from the perspective of three core concepts: object, interface and affect. On day one, theoreticians discuss and expand on these principles, while the second day focuses on three case studies. The symposium creates a clear connection between the theory of interactive art – often considered from the discourse of new media – and the practical aspects involved in commissions in the public space. The symposium is a follow-up to Research into the functioning of interactive art in semi-public space organised by the Research Group Art and Public Space of the Rietveld Academy commissioned by SKOR.


A wedge between private and public - Martine van Kampen

Affect, interface and object are fundamental to interactivity and its use in artworks. Keynote speakers Robert Pfaller, Alexander Galloway and Willem van Weelden will discuss these notions, followed each time by responses from two speakers (from the world of contemporary art and new media). The case studies which are the focus of the second day, explore how these notions relate to concrete works of art made in commission situations. Two projects will be used by way of example: one for a rehabilitation clinic (a new start for Aernout Mik’s work AAP) and one for paediatric and juvenile psychiatry centre (a ‘work in progress’ by Daan Roosegaarde). In the third case study, artists Martijn Engelbregt and Roel Wouters look at ‘undesirable’ interactivity.

Participants include: Alexander Galloway, Johan Hoorn, Erik Kluitenberg, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Geert Lovink, Geert Mul, Gijs van Oenen, Robert Pfaller, Daan Roosegaarde, Christa Sommerer, Steven ten Thije, Ronald van Tienhoven, Roel Wouters, Martijn Engelbregt and Willem van Weelden.

Thursday 22 April from 10.00 – 18.00 (doors open: 9.30)
Friday 23 April from 10.30 – 18.00 (doors open: 10.00)
Trouw Amsterdam, Wibautstraat 127, Amsterdam
Entrance: € 25.00 per day /students € 15.00 (incl. lunch, coffee, tea)
Registrations: wegde@rietveldAcademy.nl
Language: Day one: English. Day two: Dutch