OV-kunstkaart in the Concertgebouw

Over 500 new members in 5 hours at Het Concertgebouw Open.

On June 16th, the OV-kunstkaart was used for social media marketing and voting on this viewing day of The Concertgebouw. Visitors were able to use their RFID public transport card (OV-chipkaart) to connect to Facebook, subscribe to the Concertgebouw newsletters, vote for their favorite performances, share pictures and win tickets.


Voting for your favourite performance - Simone Schoutens

During this annual event, the doors to the Concertgebouw were open to everyone; over 5,000 music lovers walked in and out to follow workshops and attend performances by various amateur musicians. This day was meant to stimulate young talent and cultural participation. Together with The Concertgebouw, Mediamatic added a new interactive experience to the day.

Stemmen Stemmen

Several ikCams were spread across the building. Here, visitors could activate a new feature on their public transport card; the OV-kunstkaart function. Through this system they automatically subscribed to the newsletter of The Concertgebouw and were able to win free concert tickets. Two large voting walls were set up on each side of the doors to the Main Hall, where visitors could easily cast a vote on their favorite musicians. All votes were registered and ‘in-between’ results were shown live onscreens. The home front wasn’t forgotten either; visitors were able to share their Concertgebouw Open experience immediately with their online friends through Facebook. For an overview of the voting results and the ikCam photos, see the OV-kunstkaart webpage.

OV-Kunstkaart in het Concertgebouw
Spetterende optredens Spetterende optredens

The OV-kunstkaart

The OV-kunstkaart is a project initiated by Mediamatic to respond to cultural renewal. The budgetary cuts do not necessarily lead to an end for the cultural sector. New developments such as social media offer cultural organisations the chance to think about renewing and strengthening their marketing. The OV-kunstkaart plays an important part in this development. It makes it easy for visitors to show their interests and directly apply for more information on certain topics. Organizations can learn from their visitors and send them personal and relevant information. Flyers, manually subscribing to newsletters and sending out mass mailings; the OV-kunstkaart works differently. Visit the website OV-Kunstkaart.nl for more information.

De stemmuur De stemmuur

Mediamatic has years of experience in using RFID technology in combination with social media. Check out our projects page to find out more.

Stemmuren bij Concertgebouw Open Stemmuren bij Concertgebouw Open