Paul Groot

On wait

Put the ticks into startTime

Repeat while the ticks - startTime < amount

End repeat


On mouseUp

Put " consists of Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans." &return/quote

Put " regard the texture and syntactics of the computer software more-,

Particularly as a visual-poetic fact. If visual poetry would still exist, jodi would-,

Certainly be it's most topical representative." &return/quote

Put "The secret of is particularly the dadaist way in which the material is-,

Processed. This happens with a mixture of frivolity and serious reflection. Nothing-,

is left to chance, except when there is no conceicvable reason why this should not-,

be so." &return/quote

put " are the stand-up comedians among the users of the net, but at the same-,

time they make sure that their work retains its artistic character. These are artists who give-,

the net a lesson in practical aesthetics, but are still always keen on learning from-,

it themselves" &return/quote

put "So, over the past few months, they have been working tirelessly in Barcelona-,

and in Amsterdam on a CD intended further to refine their highly successful-,

website ( The CD-Rom OSS/ accompanying Mediamatic 9#2/3 is one-,

on which launches an attack on the local operating system. This CD-ROM is-,

like a mirror, just like a blank roll of film or a videotape, free to use. This CD-ROM leaves-,

the system open" &return/quote

put " have as always, gathered together in a surpprising form a collection of models-,

which are suitable both for Apple and PC. These models not only figure on the CD-ROM-,

but moreover make connection with the net. From these adaptations and parodies on-,

the neural networks, from these pastiches of internet culture and amusing reflections-,

of genetic algorithms, we certainly should not expect the kind of practical results we-,

would perhaps have in mind elsewhere." &return/quote

put "So long as we realize that this CD-ROM, with everything it has to offer, is simply a-,

beautiful work of art, courtesy" &return/quote

put "Paul Groot" &return/quote "end" into

make Aspecial jodiControl


translation Olivier & Wylie