Project: M. W.

Arabic Rabbit

How to say body parts in Arabic

Futuristic arabic design t-shirt or towl

T-shirts or Bath towl with a futuristic Arabic font and drawing


Rabit_girl.JPG -

I think the one of the charm of Hema products is simple and sophisticated designe.
and I hope my designe would be able to make Arabic in that way.

Young generation (The children who can speask Arabic or teenagers who likes pop drawing)

The original idea was to create a futuristic Arabic font.
Then a futuristic drawing which went with the font came up to my mind.
My major in university was Arabic and I was fascinated by the character and its art.
I learnt arabic calligraphy for a while and then started feeling like adding some 'pop' culture to it ,
which I was interested in as well.Why rabbit? because I like them!

The techniques I need is to make the font and drawing tidy and edit them as they are handwritten
And the matelial I need is T-shirts or towl which I can print the disign on.

The tecnique to make the font look better and print on T-shitrt or towl.