Information Aesthetics symposium

19 Sep 2007
3 Nov 2007
  • <>TAG
  • Weimarstraat 1E, Den Haag

Following the enormous success of <>TAG’s March 2007 exhibition, featuring new work of LUST in the context of the month-long Information Aesthetics Symposium, we continue this path with a new exhibition and related symposium.

<>TAG presents work of C.E.B. Reas created for the spaces in The Hague and Amsterdam (Concrete Project Space). A related Information Aesthetics symposium will be organized to take place at various moments and diverse locations.


Broadly speaking, information aesthetics refers to the various ways in which data or code can be translated into aesthetic images or sound and how the aesthetics of the images or sound can influence information flow or in some sense give meaning or trigger emotions. The symposium will cover issues related to meaningfully visualizing large quantities of data, designing accessible interfaces for any form of information technology, researching any form of aesthetics resulting from emerging digital culture, and investigating generative systems (in which a balance between controlled and uncontrolled information output is sought and how this can be used to understand aesthetics in a broader sense).