Workshop: 1 Jan 2003

Use Korsakow!

16 Dec 2003

The Korsakow System is a smart, easy-to-learn application with which anyone can make rich interactive narrations with image and sound.

In this practical workshop the participants learn to use the Korsakow System in three days' time and they produce a small interactive narration.
The Korsakow System is a smart engine allowing the author to assign keywords to fragments of sound, video, still images or text.

With those keywords as a basis the system generates links offered to the user. After each choice by the user the system recalculates the links.

Therefore, by way of the keywords the author determines the rules along which the system offers its content.

In this way interactive narrations can very efficiently be made and rearranged if so desired.

Participants may bring their own source material.

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Use Korsakow! starts tuesday Dec. 16

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Additional info on the Korsakow System: