Character from the Bible

Adam was the first man, whose creation, fall and history are told in the opening chapters of Genesis.


The Bible here records the most momentous event in history prior to the birth of Christ. In the Fall of Adam, sin was let loose to ravage the world. The first proof of sin was shame. The wretched folly of all attempts to cover sin is symbolized by the fig-leaf aprons of our first parents; they were no coverings at all. The second proof of sin was their fear before God. They stood condemned before a holy and just God. Adam and the first woman, Eve, were banished from Paradise.  The ground was cursed for their sake. In the hardship of toil and labor, in the care and suffering of childbirth and parentage, they began to feel at once the awful consequences their transgression involved. All the burdens of life - sickness, disaster, trouble and death - come from the action of that fateful day. They are the terrible reminders of our fallen state. Our first parents involved all their posterity in the Fall.

source: Bible Picture Tour