Project: bas van der touw

sweet cheese

multipurpose cultural tool

kaasschaaf en zoete lekkernijen schep ineen

It's a kitchen tool that can be used as a cheese slicer (kaasschaaf) and as a scoop for (arab)sweets. It's decorated with a cut out arabic calligraphy (yet to be determined) that enhances its cheese slicing function (cheese doesn't stick to it).


kaas_1s.jpg - inspiratie 1

form, function and ornamention

the kaasschaaf (cheese slicer) is a must for every dutch household.

Everybody who likes cheese and sweets

I live in an area with a lot of arabic influences, the elhema competition made me think about ways to integrate the things I see around me, like the delicious sweets and cookies, in 'traditional' dutch products.

the design will have to be developed, material has to be determined.

A mould will have to be made and the tool will have to be manufactured.