1 Jan 2002

Chris Cunningham

video maker

In a medium that has often been accused of aesthetic uniformity, Cunningham's success lies in his completely original and unique style.

Starting from very recognisable visual and literary influences (Blade Runner, Cronenberg, Lynch , JG Ballard ), the British director depicts in a very special way all his thematic and visual obsessions: icy atmospheres, oppressive urban landscapes, cold colours and industrial shapes in the background of stories that subvert the iconography of fantastic and science-fiction films through its weird sense of humour and a typically postmodernist distance towards represented objects.

Cunnigham keeps away from the mercantilist conception of the music video as 'just a television spot for a song', and understands his pieces as a symbiosis between the work of two creators, musician and filmmaker.

Besides being the peak of his career in the music video form, All is full of Love means the end of a period of his work. After a short incursion in advertising with a well-known spot for the Playstation videogame system, the director is about to arrive to the big screen with two radically different projects. The first one is a surreal, intimate drama about teenagers he has been writing for the last five years. However, his most expected work is non other than his announced film adaptation of Neuromancer, the contemporary Science-Fiction classic written by William Gibson. Produced by Seven Art Pictures and currently in pre-production stage, the movie will be written by Gibson himself and scored by Richard D. James, also known as Aphex Twin.

source: José Luis de Vicente, www.artfutura.org