Miek Hehenkamp

Vrienden van terug

vrienden voor terugkeerders

New media can deliver an important contribution as a follow up for the documentary series "Terug" returnees will benefit from an independent website that will enable them to stay in touch with people in the country they 've left and with other returnees. Vice versa Dutch can keep track virtually with Dutch returnees all over the world.

Miek Hehenkamp wrote a script for a documentary about the return of refugees and done a lot of research. Filmmaker Roy Dames has filmed 4 cases in 4 different countries. The result is a documentary serial "Terug" ("Return") which will be broadcasted in 4 parts in December 2007 by the NPS . There are many social aspects about this subject which will make it worth to give it a broader and deeper range then the documentary serial will. Crossmedia tools could give the serial an essential follow up and keep the stories alive of the participants. On the other hand this tool can build up a community of people living in Holland who care about the faith of our former refugees who returned to their country. Willemiek van den Oever (www.oeverwerk.nl) is involved as well she will manage the realisation of the network. The network will be called www.vriendenvanterug.nl

What is the project about:
Using new media as the platform to give refugees who are send home an identity by giving them a tool to tell their stories and keep us informed and inform other returnees as well

Make stories visible of a vulnerable targetgroup. Another targetgroup use their awareness into action.
Refugees, returnees, NGO's

What platforms are you interested in
Google maps, youtube, XOIP, BLIIN, GEO (korsokow)
New financing models Global versus Publieke omroep

What audience are you interested in
People in Holland and people living in countreys with low internet acces

What aesthetic elements are important.?
Truth, justice, equality

Do you want to include user generated content?