Jean Rasenberger

Day 3

review to this point


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1) This project, which was originally intended as a multi-channel work, functions well using Korsokow because as a non-linear story-telling platform with some level of interactivity,
it encourages the viewer/participant to think in terms of multiplicities and a plurality of voices that act somewhat simultaneously. For instance, the telling and/or creating of histories (in this case a history of men as represented by a specific group of men i.e. IRA ex-prisoners) is 'curated' through confluences, which the vewer then contextualizes according to their experience of watching/participating with the media.
2) I will some of the footage and make a short form project that will act as a model for the project as a whole.
3) Yes, it is cross medial. One goal is to have the project, as edited in Korsokow, act as an installation, which is gallery or mseum based and, the other is to have it function on the internet as an interactive documentary.
4) Attention to the online project will be focused as a human interest story, in the manner that stories, which are about us-as-others or others-as-us, quench a bit of the thirst we have - our fascination with psyches.
Keyword connectors wold be: irish, irish men, men, socialism, the left, revoluiton, anger, political prisoners
5. Financial models: support from irish especially northern `irish men', political prisoners etc. look for other supports within key word. On the galery side, `i will also need funding to buld the installatio ad purchase equipment.
6. Financial return?