Suvi-Tuuli Junttila

Brilliant brick

at least it was...

Legos were my favourite toys when I was a child on 1980´s. We had only the very simple bricks, but the world was open for anything. We built up, break down again, and built up – endlessly. I still remember the sound and the feeling in the fingers when you dive into the box of millions of legos, and try to find some special part like the transparent one. It was continuous play for few years.

I always though lego is timeless, and lego will never change. I believed in this innocent idea of giving space for creativity and imagination for children.

But it seems time has changed... Todays legos are monsters. The simplyness is gone. Or actually the forms are more simple than ever. If you want an airplane, you just need to combile five pieces together, and you have a realistic airplane. But this airplane you can only use as an airplane. After a while they are too easy and boring. Lot of violence (mainly for boys), and pink princess world for girls. In the old times legos were unisex.

I have to say I am a bit disappointed. Hard to say what todays kids say about that. Maybe for them these are cool and exciting. But where is the creativity....