1 Jan 2003

Lioba Steinkamp


Lioba Steinkamp was born in Würzburg, Germany in 1972. She graduated in Fine Arts at the Academy for visual Arts and Design (AKI) in Enschede, the Netherlands. Later she post-graduated at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. She lives and works in Amsterdam since 1998.

Since 2001 she is the director of IncidenZ, a foundation that produces and realizes utopias. Her art work investigates the boundaries of the individual between reality and fiction. Steinkamp is making use of existing film material and film icons that she re-edits in order to establish new connotations.

She co-ordinated the international project presented in Montevideo in Amsterdam How to Live Somebody Else's Life in which five artists lived somebody else's life in five different countries: Brazil, Italy, The Netherlands, USA and Japan.

Source ((www.liobasteinkamp.com | How to life Somebody Else's Life