Willem Velthoven

In Heaven, there is no Information.


RFIDprivacy Not - In the course of our RFID hacking workshop we are discovering that is easier to detect you tan we thought.

I'm a designer, learner and cultural enterpreneur. Founding partner at Mediamatic Amsterdam. I like developing social networks. Btw, did you check the People you should know page?

At Mediamatic foundation, a cultural institution in Amsterdam, I'm resposible for general management, curatorial strategy and art direction. At he moment i'm very happy with the success of our El HEMA project. At Picnic 07 we present the RFID Hacking camp, Play with your Tag and The Girlfriend Experience. For more on Mediamatics cultural offerings, check Mediamatic.net.

You may also check fitna.nu.

At Mediamatic LAB, a web 2.0 agency in Amsterdam, I'm principal designer and concept developer. We're very good at developing social networks and connecting them to the real world. Picnicnetwork is one of our projects. And so are the Friend-Drink stations of Play with your Tag at picnic.
Others include BiDnetwork, Khatt network, Rhiz and may others. We are currently developing OpenCI, a new standard for connecting communties. Just check out our portfolio at mediamatic.nl.