Lo-Tech VJ Reader

A collection of relevant YouTube video's has been gathered to function as source of inspiration and a viable impression of what lo-tech vj can be about!

Beautiful Sand Drawings

Posted by MsValentina on June 18th 2007


Posted by 0ebidabi
MUSIC: Rogier Reigwein
"We are making low-tech performances with oldskool overheadprojectors. The combination of oils, watercolors, paint, symbols, water and little objects shows the curiosity of creating new worlds, atmospheres, profound contingency, absurdism and lots of interaction. We perform at electro-parties, festivals, gardens and in livingrooms but mostly when it's dark."

The Loud Objects@Bent 2007 NY

Posted by eddi23a on August 18th 2007
About the Video: The Loud Objects, live at the 4th International Circuit Bending Festival, Eyebeam, New York.

Bubble Projection on House

Posted by RodericWilson
Oil wheel effect designed by lightning Rod from BUBBLE VISION using k8 proto type projector also designed by LIGHTNING ROD