Syb Groeneveld

Open Doors & Digital Pioneers

Syb Groeneveld (Kennisland)

Based in Moscow, I am currently working as an independent expert for the European Commission (ICT, Media & Society, eInclusion) and act as representative for Creative Commons International to introduce CC licenses in the Russian Federation.

Between 2001 and 2007 I worked at KnowledgeLand (KL, An independent Dutch think-tank based in Amsterdam. Founded in 1999, KL’s mission is to help establish the Netherlands as one of the key regions in the international knowledge economy, in a way that creates both economic and social value. In 2005 I was appointed as Board Member of KL.

I presented my book ‘Open doors, Programming Civil Society Media in the Netherlands, An examplary guide’ at PICNIC 2007. The book shows how the combined activities of small-scale organisations on Internet have a huge impact on many segments in our society and changes the old landscape of commercial and public service media.

The book, licensed under Creative Commons is available for dowload at: