Philip Korthals Altes

To make traffic jams disappear motivate car commuters to use one day a week alternatives for the car. If many car users in Holland would do so then traffic jams would become a thing of the past and at no great cost. On the contrary important cost savings may be realized by car users and their companies.
Furthermore important reductions of greenhouse gas emissions could also be achieved.
All employers in Holland spend annually € 7 billion on car allowances, not taking into account the cost of 600.000 leased (company) cars and of the parking spaces at offices.
To motivate car users a new website has been created with the assistance of Mediamatic in Amsterdam and now available in Dutch and English languages. This website has a user friendly search engine, familiar to PicNic members, to be used for carpooling but also for customized networking. Promotion of has started on the Zuidas of Amsterdam as increasing car usage there leads to traffic jams, making this prime office area less attractive. Thus it is in the interests of car commuters and their companies on the Zuidas to participate in alternative mobility. leads the way.

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