Ferhan Cook

Programme Designer PICNIC '09


F_Cook2.JPG - Ferhan Cook

Ferhan joined PICNIC '09 as Programme Designer and strategy consultant. As such she has been responsable for driving the programme design, choosing the session focus and speakers, building network partnerships... She has also set the course for Picnic's marketing activities and helped create a very successful Picnic Salon in New York City in June 09.

Ferhan is the president of Any Screen Productions Ltd, a UK based international consulting firm in media and entertainment, focussing on mobile media and digital event creation. Any Screen publishes Www.mobiadnews.com which is the leading market resource and newsletter in mobile advertising. Ferhan also headed up the preselection jury for the Mobile and Internet TV Awards at Mipcom from 2004-2008 Cannes.

In addition to being an experienced network marketer and event organizer, sought after speaker and moderator at international events, Ferhan is a veteran interactive media specialist, having been in new media circles for over 20 years, from 1987 where she initiated interactive design and multimedia activities at Apple Computer. Ferhan has been through most of the cycles of new media, starting with Interactive videodiscs, then launching Quicktime, Newton pda publishing, then interactive tv, internet tv, and mobile tv and now mobile advertising.

Prior to joining PICNIC 09, Ferhan has been masterminding and executive producing the highly successful cross-media conferences at the leading Entertainment Content markets, MIPTV and MIPCOM in Cannes, from 2003 to 2009 (www.mipcom.com,www.miptv.com).