Open Call: Is it Actually eco?

Exploring and celebrating this uneasy question

Do you sometimes feel uneasy about the sustainability promises, implicit or explicit, that your work makes?

As the climate crisis becomes more apparent, not only researchers and engineers but also designers and artists try to come up with ways to navigate us to a more sustainable way of living. But if we take a close look at sustainability-inspired projects or products, it often leaves us with an uneasy feeling.

Is it actually eco? (and if not: is that okay?)

Although it's easy to talk about successes, it's a lot harder to talk about the critical notes that might surround (good) ideas. But why is that? Why not celebrate all our doubts and failures too? 

Together we want to explore and celebrate the uneasy feeling that working on idealistic and sustainable projects can evoke. 

That's why we are launching our Actually Eco?! blog and podcast! In this safe space, we invite designers and artists to talk and write about their own struggle with the paradox that inspiration and navigation can sometimes be. We would like to join you in your struggle.

Want to join? Send an email with a description of your (past) work and a pdf with a critical self-evaluation where you explain the doubts you have about your own sustainability promises to before september 1st. Selected artists will be interviewed and published on our website, or on our podcast.

More info?

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