1 jan 2003

Mai Ueda

digital and performance artist

Web domains are the new art objects


I Am Mai -

Met: Mai Ueda

Mai Ueda (1978 Osaka) is a New York-based digital and performance artist whose work explores sexuality, digital pop culture, and the kitschier side of porn.

She participated in many major art events such as the Tirana Biennale and La Biennale de Lyon.

Her flash animations always deal with a very specific universe.
In her opinion contemporary artists working in Flash can't seem to get away from contemporary art identities such as letters talking about love or political things. Instead flash animation should be as easy as naming while programming is as difficult as theory.
Websites are the new art objects and they will eventually be bought as artworks by collectors or museums.

Net.art should be free and open for the public, in the way that you can see traditional art in the museums and galleries but the property of the piece itself can belong to a collector.

As everything else, culture is based on emulation, the most interesting stuff will stay somehow and old stuff will disappear anyway.