Léon Krier


Leon Krier - This is a portrait photograph of one of the most famous architectures coming from Luxembourg currently still alive. This picture was found on his webpage, which is maintained by Nikos A. Salingaros.

Léon Krier is a famous architect most renown for his influence on neo-traditional architecture and planners. He is an architectural theorist and urban planner.

Krier in his publicized work has commentary on the modernist thinking of how a city is supposed to be ordered into zones. Single use zones (like housing, work, offices) destroy the authenticity of cities and work only to benefit the urban planners themselves, rendering their work easy, but ultimately unsustainable.

Modern planners are according to him tyrannical figures that impose their ideas of megacities, megastructures, megazoning onto the people. Considering livelihood is one of the most important factors in his work.

Next to that Krier also designed several buildings. His most famous work includes the temporary façade at the 1980 Venice Biennale, the Village Hall in Windsor Fla and the Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center, located on the campus of Miami University. Currently he is working in Italy.

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