1 jan 2004

Vincent Icke

Astronomer and Artist

Vincent Icke is professor of theoretical astronomy at the university of Leiden and professor of cosmology at the university of Amsterdam.


He studied theoretical physics and astronomy in Utrecht. He graduated in Leiden on the origins of stellar systems and large-scale structure in the universe. He did post-graduate research at the universities of Sussex and Cambridge and at the California Institute of Technology.

Apart from his scientific work Vincent Icke is very actively involved in popularizing science.

He is a regular writer for the popular press in dailies, weeklies and monthlies and he contributes to several radio and TV programmes.

Vincent Icke is a graphic artist and designer as well. He has made works for the universities of Minnesota, Amsterdam and Leiden, designed the logo's for the European Astronomical Society, the Dutch Astronomers Club and the Leiden Observatory and many others.

One of his installations is on permanent display in the Leiden University Medical Centre and he has been a visiting lecturer at the Rietveldacademy.