1 jan 2004

Teo Macero

Composer, arranger, player and producer

Teo Macero is a name familiar to most students and fans of jazz if only because they have any number of Miles Davis' albums with 'Produced by Teo Macero' credits.


Teo Macero is an amazing man of music, he has worked intimately with some of the greatest figures in the history of jazz – Duke Ellington, Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk – in the creation of some of their most enduring works.

A member of the first Charles Mingus Jazz Composers' Workshop 1953, as a tenorist, Macero's keen interest in composition led to an involvement in the Third Stream Music and Guggenheim Awards for Composition in 1957 and 1958.
It was arguably after he joined CBS as a producer in 1957 that Macero had his greatest influence. Working on Miles Davis' finest albums, he was particularly important giving form to In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew through his editing.

Macero is now at the helm of his own label: