Fondazione Morra

A private foundation led by Peppe Morra and his dautghter Raffaella Morra and placed into an old electric plant upside Piazza Dante in Naples. It is located in the house of Hermann Nitsch Museum with the collection of the Wien artist, but also hosts other exhibits, workshops, art and music performances along with the Independent Film Show curated by Raffaella. It is the only Expanded Cinema Festival in Southern Italy and surely one of the few in Europe.


Performance at Fondazione Morra - Image taken from their website

Fondazione Morra - Istituto di Scienze delle Comunicazioni Visive promotes and organizes the research, the realization and diffusion of the visual communications’ culture.
Fondazione Morra acquired the legal status since 2005, included in the “High Culture” Register and recognised Museum from 2007.
It is intended for production and transmission of inter-generational contemporary culture. It carries out its activities by setting guidelines to the comprehension of complex dynamics in micro and macro social systems of economies based on “communication’s culture” - through elaborations by each of its departments - and in referring to practical social and cultural conditions. Thus the Fondazione encourages work in spontaneous groups or with institutions, so as to increase involvement and employment of those who intend to promote communities capable of developing and using resources and territories pertaining to today’s present culture.

Source: Fondazione Morra website

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