Marion Traenkle

Media/Performance Artist, Researcher


- Marion Traenkle

Interactive, Scenographic, and Performative Installation

Marion Tränkle, born in Berlin and living in Amsterdam is an artist and designer and draws on her professional experience in media art, architecture and choreography/performance.
Her artistic practice in interactive, scenographic, and performative installation focuses on live processes of
transformation (and animation), which are physically performed and scenographically staged. In weaving
together movements, materials, and media into multi-threaded performances of live processes and tangible
compositions, she seeks to produce a heterogenic logic, enfolding in the collage and collision of procedures
that are simultaneously pre-programmed and fixed, performative and emergent.
To develop her work she often uses conception and production strategies in interdisciplinary contexts and
turns towards collaboration with other artists, engineers and designers. Her work has been featured in group
shows as well as in dance and theatre performances throughout Europe. She has served as a guest lecturer in
the Netherlands, Germany and Canada.
In 2008 she co-founded the artist collective In Serial consisting of Linda Dement (AU), Petra Gemeinböck
(AT/AU), PRINZGAU/podgorschek (AT) and Marion Tränkle (DE/NL). Together they explore escalating interactions between non-human protagonists, utilizing materials and digital media apparently conflictive.