EXIT Festival visits Amsterdam with great acts from Serbia and Amsterdam!

28 mei 2009

EXIT festival invites you to the Amsterdam/Balkan: Underground Connection PARTY, on thursday 28th of May in OCCII club, in Amsterdam.

EXIT will present the 10th anniversary of the festival with some of the most talented new artists from the Balkans, such as Obojeni Program (www.myspace.com/obojeniprogram), The Good Guys (www.myspace.com/goodguysthe) and Gari, Jaro & Lega DJ Collective. These performers will be joined on stage by Amsterdam's band Knalpot (www.myspace.com/knalpot) and DJ Juha (www.myspace.com/audioculture), which will also perform at Exit festival in July.

Join us for a great party and let’s celebrate together!
Door opens at 21.00h
Free entry


amsterdam party.jpg - irmin van der meijden

Knalpot are a hyper-energetic Dutch two piece - Gerri Jager on drums, and Raphael Vanoli on guitar and electronics. Their set consists of drilling noises and drone mutating into jazzy post-rock rhythms, with Jäger slapping his kit with chains as Vanoli spits out bursts of noise, the two coalescing in spasmodic rhythmic fits.

Obojeni Program are one of the most important Serbian rock bands. They have just finished their eight album called Cosmos In Your Heart/Toys Are Driven With The Left Hand. The album is available for free download on Exit festival’s website www.exitmusic.tv.

Leaders of the emerging Serbian nu rave scene, The Good Guys are an audio visual live act project. They break boundaries between genres with their eclectic performance.

DJ Juha is one of Amsterdam's most versatile protagonists of electronic music. Together with DJ and producer Cinnaman, he is responsible for the monthly Viral Radio nigth at Trouw Amsterdam, the biweekly radio show at VPRO 3voor12 carrying the same name, and the periodic Beat Dimensions nights at the renowned jazz venue Bimhuis. Juha plays experimental bass and beats that defy gravity and make your brain tingle.

Jaro, Gari & Lega are three artist from an axis of ex Yugoslavian cities Novi Sad, Sarajevo and Osijek. Highly skulful and utterly wicked, they break, they scratch and fuel madness itself!

'Underground Connection' is free entrance party, organized by Exit Festival and Citizens Pact for South East Europe, and this whole event has been helped by Provincial government of Vojvodina, Serbia.