Critical Israeli woman who live in The Netherlands

Gate48 was founded by three Israeli women, living in The Netherlands. Out of deep concern for all the different groups (ethnic, national, religious) living in Israel, they chose a critical point of view regarding Israel and the conflict it is in. They believe that the road of violence, which successive Israeli governments have adopted for more then 60 years, will never lead to a real solution. The separation between both people, which has been imposed on both Israelis and Palestinians, only leads to more violence and hatred.

" As Israelis, we are connected to Israel by family, the Hebrew language, food, smells, noise and the landscape. Israel is our home, a home that is going up in flames. Our motivations for action are the result of a deep desire to create a change within Israel. In addition, we share a deep feeling of guilt. As Israelis, we are part of the mechanism of occupation; everything that happens in Israel and the occupied territories is done in our name, supposedly for our own security.

We believe that the only way to end this destructive situation is by non-violent resistance: resisting the occupation, resisting the separation and resisting all the violent acts by Israeli governments in the name of security. We do not, in any way, condone Palestinian violence. However, we as Israelis, are responsible for acts of violence done in our name, and therefore are obliged to appeal to our government.
Out of deep love and concern for our family and friends living in Israel, we feel obliged to act against the destructive mechanisms of war. As Israelis living in the Netherlands we choose to act by exposing what we oppose; by suggesting that Israelis and Jews are not bound by the fear-mongering machine of Israeli (and to some extent Jewish) propaganda. In that way we wish to inform and inspire others that live in the Netherlands. We hope they will question and finally oppose the mainstream Israeli point of view, which is all too easily accepted here, as in most Western countries with no questions asked."


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