Scanning Robin

Residency at Fondazione Morra

Making his debut in Naples, the English composer Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner will be in residence in some of the most vibrant artistic spaces in the city; Fondazione Morra, located at the Herman Nitsch Museum in Napels. For the first time, these places will work together on a polysemic project. Robin will show the whole spectrum of his work, offering the public an introspective journey into his poetic hemisphere.


On June 19th there will be a workshop at the Oblomova store, where Scanner will take a look at his own work, and at the bookshop/bar Perditempo a Stanza d’ascolto listening room dj-set, where the artist will choose some of his favourite music - a kind of affective audio-portrait. On June 20th on the panoramic terrace of the Nitsch Museum, when natural light starts to mix with electric, during the concert Ghosts of the Present, Scanner will go through experimental territory, amid sound, space, image and form: these are layered, seductive musical pieces, which use technology in an oscillating, unconventional way, collages of electronic music which use intercepted phone calls, metropolitan noise and syncopated sensations.