Design-and-Build ARchiTecture residency

Call for a residency in Ghana

This is a project-based residency opportunity for creative persons in earth architecture, earth art/ land art/ earthworks, engineering, and others who can design-and-build dwellings or non-dwellings out of earth and other materials from the environment.


The Reversalist - Image from Afropoets.

Target Group: International
Discipline: All the arts (visual, performing, literary and new genres), Architecture, and Engineering
Duration: 3 to 24 months according to project scope and nature of funding.
Organizing Institution: FOTA Foundation, a registered NGO in Ghana (FOTA is an acronym for “focus on the arts”)

Working individually or in teams, the participant in the ARchiTecture (art+architecture) Residency Project will live in the village next to our 800-acre Artist Village in development at Maabang in the Ashanti Region of Ghana until the participant completes the project on the 800 acreage and can move in. Project is open to traditional and modern construction methods, and experimental approaches that are known to work.

Submissions in methods such as adobe, cob, compressed earth, rammed earth, ceramic house, poured/cast earth, papercrete, earthbag, straw-bale, stackwall, earth-shelter, earthship, and other best practices may therefore be in order. Integration of rainwater
harvesting, solar and wind energy generation system are indispensable but not obligatory. The lot size and shape are open; you could build it on 120x120 ft plot, an acre, or more. The only criteria that should be met are: (1) Using earth/ other materials from the environment in part or in whole; (2) Creating a durable non-dwelling or a dwelling of at least three-bed rooms ready to move in; and (3) production budget of between €1,000 to €5,000 Euros. Priority may be given to those who have funding or can secure part-funding to complete their conceived project.

DEADLINE: Ongoing but apply at least two months in advance

TO APPLY: Candidates should send the following materials to /
(1) Formal Proposal (includes budget and work plan)
(3) Bio/resume;
(3) Other relevant materials (includes work sample or web site)

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