Veronica Georgiou

R.Villalobos & Max Loderbauer - Rethinky

Originally from Cyprus - an island of rich flora, where lush herbs and Mediterranean trees grow casually everywhere,
nature has been a part of my identity since a very young age. From the very beginning of my childhood life up until today, I have always studied and cultivated my own plants and flowers, creating an oasis within my very own environment. My urge to mentally and physically connect with nature, at all levels from the clouds above to the vegetation and the rocks below, explodes within me no matter where I stand. Brotherhood, a digital non-profit music platform run by myself and a friend, is where my two passions of nature and sound merge together. Inspired by the vivid interplay of agriculture and urban landscape of Cyprus, the platform shares stories of nature so as for people to appreciate and
respect it more.

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