Niels Wolf


META workshop#6

26 mei 2007
27 mei 2007

During this workshop you will learn how to create a tv-signal using the programming language Forth on the pic microcontroller. The Forth interpreter on the picchip enables you to program your microcontroller life and thus edit and see the changes in behavior right away.


forthtv.jpg -

Fee & Sign-in: EUR 50,-.
Teacher: Tom Schouten.

This workshop will stand in the light of the forth interpreter on the pic chip. Forth enables you to program your pic life and thus edit and see the changes in behavior right away. By learning to control tv tubes with forth this workshop will cover..
1. introduction forth, the forth toolchain.
1.1. interactivity, giving commands and updates to a live system
1.2. modularity, solve problems in pieces and interactive testing
2. technical applied,
2.1. electronic 2 bit DAC with resistors for 4 levels (sync,b/w,grey)
2.2. logic, PAL sync & stuff
2.3. software, interrupts (hsync timer) & multitasking
3. individual project, build some pic powered visuals with the knowledge gained.

META is a self-organized/help group for artists and designers with an interest in electronics.
META members are artists, students, teachers and professionals in all kinds of disciplines including but not limited to, Art, Multimedia, Interface- Graphic- Audio- and Web Design, Music Composition.
META stand for: Making Electronic Thingies in Amsterdam.