Jonnet M

Welcome to the ubershed

Moving in to Hacker Camp 2009, Day 2

Oh how lovely to arrive for breakfast in our new hacker home and find a shiny ubershed, a poolside delight in corrugated metal complete with scaffold decking with a south-facing aspect. The bare bones of the construction follow a longstanding formula more at home on a WW2 airfield but once filled with pink, yellow and black cables, a fridge full of beer and large scale projections of the #hackerscamp09 twitterstream over the corrugated walls, this is prime hacker real estate.


3935228054_685c6982e0.jpg - Early morning hackers drink coffee on the deck Jonnet M

For added impact this year's camp is situated right in the heart of the PICNIC concourse. With the the imposing cylindrical structure of the 1902 Gashouder out front and the Westerpark out back it's an inspiring location.