Heisenthin Makaba

I cursed cynicism from my birth day... Aha!!!


DOUBLE V(COMP) - De all seein' eyez... Viswal Litresi

My mental plate's always weavin' designs_ I'm just a tunnel...

This one mornin’ in June 2005 – durin’ the school holidays my uncle Zwezi came home from work with photography, a vicissitude that restructured my existence for eternity. It was love @first click. In attempt to get to know photography, I started takin’ family portraits, landscapes and anythin’ that captured my attention. As our relationship grew I became very obsessed, I knew there’s more that photography contained endoly. To discover that in 2009 I enrolled at the Market – Photo Workshop in a foundation course, upon completion it was as if my visual faculty has been piquant.
As my milieu unfolds, photography helps me to better understand my-self and project my interpretation of all that exists around me which is not always experienced by the naked eye but the -> spiritual eye. I’m interested in dreams and I have a desire to express what is often referred to as darker visions of humanity through my work - whose constitutions frequently give surreal scopes.

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