17 okt 2009
21 nov 2009

Especially for her debut solo presentation in the Netherlands, Cindy Wright will present a newly produced series of unique paintings. The juxtaposition of works within this series will illuminate different ways of seeing the subject of each piece. At the same time, these varying but related themes (texture, skin, colour, portrait, flesh, still-life, detail) will form a unified presentation in the highly skilled and painterly way with which they have been put to canvas.


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Cindy Wright

Cindy Wright’s (Herentals BE, 1972) large-scale portraits and still-life oil paintings on canvas play at the intersection between figuration and abstraction. At first glance these monumental paintings appear to be photo-realistic, using the photographic methods of cropping compositions and intense source lighting. But on closer inspection, only possible by physically moving up to the work, the range of mark making and painterly applications becomes astoundingly apparent. Even with this knowledge of their lush technique the paintings again become a perceptual conundrum when you step back again to view them in their entirety. They are conceptually rooted within a painting tradition that questions the nature of how we read and understand the world but are entirely contemporary in their painterly treatment. Wright’s subjects are taken from her immediate world and are transformed into iconic images for our times.


Saturday 17.10.09, 17.00 – 19.00