5 nov 2009
12 dec 2009

Fabrica has been invited by the ToolsGalerie to present, for the first time in Paris, its latest home collections. A large table will host natural, surreal landscapes in which sophisticated blown-glass objects - This&That - and simple, handmade ceramic pieces representing the plant world - Imaginaires - will merge with drawn electric systems to create a new perspective of reality.


Bicycle - Source: phttp://www.fabrica.it/press-release/fabrica-at-toolsgalerie fabrica.it] Source: fabrica.it


This&That is a collection of ten glass bells created by Fabrica’s young designers, from an idea by Tak Cheung. Produced by Secondome, each piece combines everyday items, such as a bicycle handlebar, a chimney or cow ears, with the sophisticated beauty of blown glass. Different materials and production processes merge harmoniously to create a new, provocative synergy.

Imaginaires is a collection of ceramics produced by Olfaire re-inventing one of the best Portuguese traditions through a contemporary vision of the old "savoir-faire". Presented last May at the New Museum in New York, the collection consists of 15 limited-production objects and merges details of a long tradition of nature-inspired shapes with classic vases and tableware pieces.

Both collections are in limited edition and can be purchased in ToolsGalerie from November 5th, 2009.

Claudia Pignatale, Italian architect, thought-up and set-up Secondome, a design gallery and a concept store that now becomes a brand. Born in 2006, Secondome headquarter is located inside Palazzo Scapucci, also known as “Palazzo della Scimmia”, in the centre of Rome. Dually identifiable as a gallery and showroom, this unique space presents a very exciting selection of contemporary design. The best in international design is shown in the gallery and theme exhibitions are renewed every two months. This character marks the important rule that Secondome has: bringing international design to Rome and exporting Italian design and Italian creativity in the world.


November 5th, from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.