A lovable exchange between The Netherlands and Cameroon

27 okt 2009
20 dec 2009

Steven Jouwersma
Alioum Moussa
Justine Ngaga
Boris Nzebo Nzepang
Sander Veenhof

Presentations at HMK Sunday 13 December 16:00

In November and December 2009 HMK enters into close collaboration with artists initiative Art Bakery in Douala, Cameroon. Dutch artists Sander Veenhof and Steven Jouwersma and HMK-curator Jantine Wijnja will reside at Art Bakery for a three-week work period between 27 October and 16 November. Between 24 November and 14 December Cameroonian artists Alioum Moussa, Justine Ngaga and Boris Nzebo Nzepang will undertake a residency at HMK.

To elope means to take flight or slip away, usually with amorous intentions. We are eloping with Art Bakery in order to temporarily work closely together with a friendly institution abroad, hoping to broaden the horizon of all involved by literally having to work within each others structures. Noticing how somebody else is working, through operating within their framework, can unstitch some of your own automatisms. Finding yourself in a different artworld and working with different ingredients can refresh the approaches and viewpoints of all involved, whether they are artist, organizer or audience.

Towards the end of their stay Alioum Moussa, Justine Ngaga and Boris Nzebo Nzepang will present their work at HMK. This time not in the form of an exhibition, but during an afternoon of talks, perhaps performances, and conversations. Though we urge you to come and join us at the talks, visual remainders of their stay will remain on view for a week. Please keep an eye on our website for more information.

For the duration of Elopement, a project blog will be maintained with can be accessed via our website.


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