13 dec 2009
14 dec 2009

Adam Pendleton’s BAND is a form and content refashioning of Jean-Luc Godard’s “Sympathy for the Devil”. Made in the aftermath of May ’68, the original film helped mark Godard’s break from his Nouvelle Vague period into a more committed engagement with the politics and class struggles of the time.


Adam Pendleton, "BAND", 2009, - Concert/performance featuring Deerhoof, Performance view, Toronto International Film Festival, photo by Aviva Cohen. Source: Source:

BAND is unfolding in stages, it began at the Toronto International Film Festival with a rehearsal/film-shoot and live concert by the indie-rock/post-punk band Deerhoof. The Amsterdam performance/film screening will present the first edit of footage from Toronto with work-in-progress sequences from texts based on the work of authors explicitly related to Godard’s film, such as black power activist Eldridge Cleaver; or tangentially related, such as Gertrude Stein. The final stage of BAND will occur as a solo-exhibition at The Kitchen, New York in Fall 2010.

Band is part of EL T D Amsterdam; A three-part program comprising two performances and an exhibition in a collaboration between de Appel and Kunstverein, Amsterdam.

Part one

“three scenes”
took place on 23 Sept. 2009 in Kunstverein, Amsterdam

Part two

“grey-blue grain”
11 Dec. 2009 – 31 Jan. 2010
Location: Kunstverein, Ruyschstraat 4 III, Amsterdam

A selection of projects from 2007-09 that deal directly with the abstraction and instrumentalisation of language and image through sculpture and wall-based work.

Part three

Performance/film screening
13 and 14 Dec. 2009, 8.30 PM
Location: De Brakke Grond (Rode Zaal), Nes 45, Amsterdam