reaching back beyond memory

14 nov 2009
23 dec 2009

'immemorial' is a unique collaboration and dialogue between Northern Territory artists and Indonesian artists. The curatorial rationale of immemorial seeks to investigate commonalities of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, as they consider their ancestral histories and their present notions of cultural identity.


immemorial - part of an installation by Hayley West

Darwin Artists: Tobias Richardson, Hayley West, Min Wong, Jenny Fraser, and Catriona Stanton.
Yogyakarta Artists: Wimo Ambala Bayang, Maryanto, Carolina Rika, Lashita Situmorang, and Sigit Bapak. Curators: Sudjud Dartanto (Yogyakarta) & Steve Eland (Darwin).

A project initiated by 24hr Art - Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art.

Exhibition and public forums at Roommate and iCAN, Yogyakarta, opening 14 November, 2009.