Dir. Amy Grill USA 2009 90 min www.speakingincode.com

4 dec 2009

Modeselektor, Wighnomy Brothers, Monolake, Philip Sherburne, Ellen Allien, Tobias Thomas,
Marc LeClair AKA Akufen, Wolfgang Voigt, Michael Mayer, Reinhard Voigt, Sascha Ring AKA
Apparat, Sascha Funke, Mario Willms AKA Douglas Greed, Miss Kittin, Dan Paluska AKA Six
Million Dollar Dan, Mike Uzzi AKA Smartypants, David Day & Amy Grill.


Speaking_In_Code_POSTER.jpg - Smart Reception

An intimate account of people who are completely lost in music. A heartbreaking and
light-hearted documentary, it's a vérité glimpse into the world of techno music.
Captivating and entertaining, the film takes us around the world, following the people
who make electronic music their lives. It?s a tightly interwoven story about the
electronic music scene told from the inside-out: intimate, raw and vivid.

Featuring music by:
Modeselektor, Wighnomy Brothers, Robag Wruhme, Ellen Allien & Apparat, The Field,
Monolake, Michael Mayer, Gas, Jonas Bering, SCSI-9, Gui Boratto, Superpitcher, Steadycam,
Dettinger, The Rice Twins, Reinhard Voigt, Oxia.

A new documentary bent on showing all the gritty details of daily life in the music biz,
thrives on the people who create, play, write about, and promote electronic music. [Amy
Grill] brings techno and heartbreak to the big screen. - XLR8R

One of the first films that ventures to explain why so many people love this genre of
music, in an intimate, almost philosophical manner. - Electronic Beats

The story of a relationship told through the filter of this music, and the price growing
up and pursuing your dreams can cost you ... beyond the music, toward something much more
sincere, burrowing into the material instead of distancing itself. - Creative Contact

It reveals the human side of the thoroughly modern music - Weekly Dig