Cimatics festival 2009

citywide international festival for advanced creativity

20 nov 2009
29 nov 2009

For this 7th edition of the Cimatics festival, they try to go at full throttle again with todays image culture. As an audiovisual festival Cimatics puts the focus both on art, media, design and music. Cimatics festival invites you for a mix of concerts, film-screenings, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, public interventions and parties.


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Cimatics is spread out all over the city of Brussels. For 10 days and nights it will be hosted by numerous venues, both underground and above. It intends to be a citywide international festival for advanced creativity, a node where underground, pop and art become mixed in an exciting cultural mash-up.

Cimatics is an ongoing experiment. What was initially a festival for VJing, and soon after for live audiovisual art, has now become an exercise and celebration focusing on 'advanced creativity'. Todays urban and digital culture in all its diversity.


For the full program:

Here are some interesting acts:


Mortals Electric
By Telcosystems
The Netherlands (2008)

With Mortals Electric Telcosystems presents a new audiovisual journey. Over the years they have managed to achieve a far-reaching integration of human expression and programmed machine behaviour. In their interaction with machines they create a form of live cinema which fuses the auditive and visual domains into one spatial experience, exploring the limits of the human sensory apparatus. Mortals Electric shows slow-moving cloud clusters, layers of strobing organic structures, deep machinic drones and waves of digital noise. Mortals Electric is a very demanding performance for the human hearing system. Cimatics will be providing ear-plugs.


By Yves Marquillie
Belgium (2009)

Singularity is an audiovisual installation that confronts the viewer with the recursive states of the physical and the virtual. They are both dependent on each other, as is the installation towards the viewer, and the visuals to the audio. What is presented as a monolithic object filled with mathematical references is reflected in the mental state of the viewer in the form of associations. These resemblances are then projected again by the viewer towards the object; the object itself becomes the visual manifestation of how an idea grows in complexity.


Acid Kirk
Belgium (2009)

Once considered as one of the most talented artists (both producer and DJ) from the Brussels underground techno scene. Since 2004 mainly into (making) noise and 'avant-garde' productions. As a teenager, Acid Kirk listened to industrial and electro. Around 1990, he discovered house during the Belgian 'new beat' hype, but it would take another 2 years before he started to make his own music after he met people like DJ Deg, Seal Phuric, D-Jack aka BWP (Brussels Weird Project / Bad Woofers Posse). There is nothing, he says, he hates more than describing his own style, but if he has to, he calls it "psychotropic soundscapes" and calls himself influenced by artists like Philip K. Dick, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Jim Jarmusch, Timothy Leary, Richard D. James, William S. Gibson and Cevin Key.