SPSound Friday Selection

In association with Subbacultcha!

4 dec 2009

SPSound and Subbacultcha! bridge the boundaries between New York and Amsterdam, drawing together a night of fiercely experimental live performances.


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entrance: € 7,50

Little Women (Gilgongo/Sockets) create music that blurs the lines between structure and spontaneity. The group’s sound, distilled from a broad range of influences that stretch from classic Chicago free Jazz through Pop, Punk Rock, Math Metal and Harsh Noise, stomps all over genres, creating adventurous, in-the-moment, wrenchingly honest music. Little Women never stop pushing into new sonic territory: splitting overtones to create ghost notes, violently disassembling their instruments on stage, and attacking written and improvised material with equal ferocity. This Brooklyn quartet's saxophone bleats, beyond-angular guitar lines and purposeful, spastic drumming positively commands the audience's attention.

Thomas Truax (SL Records) is a left field troubadour and inventor/player of strange self-made instruments, like his now legendary 'Hornicator' and a motorized mechanical drum machine called 'Sister Spinster'. He employs these and other contraptions as well as traditional instruments in exceptionally crafted, witty and often touching songs. His recently-released fourth album covers songs featured in David Lynch's films and, rather paradoxically, makes them somehow more Lynchian. A one man band in a dazzling display of talent, brimming with originality.

The Moi Non Plus (Subbacultcha!) is a loud drum guitar sample duo from Amsterdam, boasting a heavy rock sound and energetic live shows. They released a self titled record in October 2008 on the Subbacultcha! label of which they are also the founders.