SPSound Friday Selection

Adolf Butler, Le Couteau Jaune, KidGoesting, Dirty D.is.ko

11 dec 2009

Weekly music programme featuring a range of local and international artists, from adventurous indie bands to electronic glitch hop acts. Our mission is to engage you with challenging and playful concepts, exceptional live performances and entertainment of the highest order.


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Entrance: € 5.00
For reservations: reservations@smartprojectspace.net

SPSound delivers a mouth-watering line-up of artistically bent Noise performers, with a distinctive flair for the flamboyant.

Adolf Butler (Motorwolf) brew up some adult orientated Noise Punk. This Dutch band brings you a strange and intense live experience, with loud decibels and some unpredictable stage and in-crowd antics of noisy proportions. Expect a mix of all that is unhealthy to a wealthy society. Think in directions of a trashy doompunknoiserock extravaganza. Yes, all that together blended into one.

Le Couteau Jaune (ADAADAT) are a four piece live art/noise performance group from London, looking like a wayward group of children’s entertainers on crack and sounding like an MC battle between Gwar and the Banana Splits at a rave hosted by the Butthole Surfers. Adherents of the creative doctrine of availablism, Le Couteau Jaune’s live performances mainly consist of homemade costumes, offensive poetry, improvised noise, occasional nudity, cardboard props, audience participation and D.I.Y. pyrotechnics.

KidGoesting (BlackLabel) is an Amsterdam-based DJ and label owner. DJ-ing Electro since the nineties, he was one of the founders of the scene in Amsterdam.

Dirty D.is.ko (Hoorspel) is the founder and resident DJ for the Headroom parties. He plays all the styles derived from the original Electro. Together with Bison Kid, he hosts the Tales from the Twyst parties at TWSTd.