colourblind workshops

Putri P. Sadiqah & Andreas Gerolemou

12 dec 2009
12 dec 2009

Saturday 12.12.2009 16.00 – 18.00h
african divination as a creative tool

Through the use of tools one can experiment with thinking patterns that sometimes
stifle the development of ideas. One way of investigating new thinking patterns is
through the use of divinatory techniques. Andreas Gerolemou grown up in South Africa had insights in African traditions of divination and fortune telling from early age on. Within a design context he introduces the divinatory method of the Sangoma as an alternative brainstorming method for any kind of creative process.
Saturday 12.12.2009 18.00 – 20.00h
cooking with infographics

How does one communicate using only visuals? Putri Sadiqah focusses on storytelling in visual graphics: in this case put into the context of a graphically illustrated Indonesian cookbook. We are all more sensible in reading pictures. By using food, we all get a chance to experiment with infographics in an interactive environment.

Free entrance to both workshops but registration is required via,
10 spots available for participation per workshop, but everybody is welcome to watch.


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