Festival DasArts

De Amsterdamse School/ Advanced Research in Theatre and dance Studies

14 jun 2005
18 jun 2005

The Year 3000. What could life, theatre and art be within 995 years? What are your visions, what will be the landscape, what moves us, who are the survivors?
This question moved three groups of DasArts students to each make a new production within three weeks. Results are Hamlet, Beyond this Frame of Thought and Disappear!.

The Festival DasArts also includes lectures, installations, workshops, interviews and food.

Celebration, a documentary by Helena Muskens and Quirine Racké (NL)
Mirage, a choreography by Sato Endo (J)
Beyond this frame of thought, a performance by Michelle Kurzenacker (D), Sarah Manya (USA), Andrea Paciotto (I) and Inés Sauer (NL)
Hamlet, a performance by Nancy Mauro-Flude (AUS), Kees Roorda (NL), Alison Isadora (NZ), Cees Krijnen (NL) and Nicola Unger (D)
Disappear!, a performance by Lise Brenner (USA, Mirjana Ilic (NL/HR) and Siegmar Zacharias (D)